Real Madrid - Tottenham 1:1 for very good match

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European club via questions about win predictions champion Real Madrid and Tottenham finished 1-1 in the derby of group H of the Champions League. Both teams had two victories in the remaining rounds and continued their flawless series, remaining at the top with an equal number of points and the same goal difference. The Santiago Bernabeu score was found in the 28th minute when Rafael Varan scored his own goal. In the 43rd minute Cristiano Ronaldo equalized with a penalty shootout with his fifth goal for this season and a total of 95th in the Champions League. Prior to Varan Ronaldo`s own goal, the goal was also shot. Tottenham scorer Harry Kane is extremely ambitious to shine on the biggest possible scene - `Santiago Bernabeu` - and fans of the North London team hope to continue their goal series. In the absence of Dele Ali he will be assisted by Fernando Iorrete.

Debut for hosts in the Champions League is made by 18-year-old right-wing defender Ashraf Hakimi, who was chosen by coach Zinedine Zidane to Nacho Fernandez.

The duel started at a fast pace and Real could find the result in the 5th minute. Marcelo found the young defender Ashraf Hakimmi to the right of the door, who magnificently put the ball on Ronaldo`s head. The Portuguese shot hit the bar, and with the addition, Karim Benzema failed to find the door. The whites continued to exert pressure on the guests who were hard on the central line.

In the 17th minute Cristiano Ronaldo finished another excellent attack on Real, but his shot at the diagonal was very close to the left beam. Tottenham`s footballers got bored and made their next attack on a corner kick. Harry Kane hit a very nice shot but Keelor Navas responded like a cat and sent the ball back to the corner. There was a new danger ahead of Navas`s door, with Kane again, who found Iorente, but the Spaniard was overtaken for the ball. The Tottenham Attacks have become increasingly dangerous. That`s how it came to the 28th minute, when after the centering to Harry Kanee in the penalty area French defender Rafael Varan scored an own goal. The situation sparked debate as to whether Kane had been ambushed, but the attack was over.

In the 31st minute the hosts were close to the equalizing goal, but Tottenham Loris` goal keeper took a shot at Isko. However, the draw was restored just before the break. Tony Kroos was knocked out of the penalty area after Benzema and the referee gave a penalty kick. With the performance took host leader Cristiano Ronaldo, who equalized with uncompromising blow. The second half started with active play by both teams. First Cristiano Ronaldo struck but did not find the door. In the 54th minute, Tottenham Loris` watchman showed a great reflex after he hit a close shot with Karim Benzema`s head. In the 63rd minute Loris again demonstrated his class after saving Cristiano Ronaldo, who pushed the ball very heavily under the beam, but the French guard cleared it in a corner shot.

In the 70th minute, a collective mistake in Real`s defense allowed Harry Kane to come to grips with Navas, but Costa Rican`s white ballet guard managed to deflect the ball in a corner kick. In the 72nd minute defending

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