Ronaldo does not plead guilty and will go to court

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Gold Medalist Cristiano Ronaldo described as insubstantiated the charge of the Ministry of Finance in Spain for tax evasion of EUR 14. 7 million from revenues on his image rights and refused to plead guilty by concluding an agreement. In this way, the Real Madrid player shows he wants the dispute to be decided in court. The Prosecutor`s Office has made the public aware of the outcome of its investigation as early as June, and the Portuguese faced a hearing judge on July 31st. In an official letter to Puello de Alarcon`s court of first instance, Ronaldo now writes that there is a discrepancy in the filed record and insists on the review of all the evidence adduced, El Mundo reports.

Kristiano also assures that manager Georges Mendesh is also innocent. Otherwise, tax problems in Spain currently have or even had his teammate Marcello previously, as well as the Barnabauer Jose Mourinho and Ricardo Carvalho.

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