Officially: Milan overtakes Adidas

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The streets of Milan and Adidas are split, the official announcement of the Italian club says. The contract between the two countries expires next summer and will not be renewed.

`Rosoneries` have been playing with the teams of the German concern since July 1, 1998. For the first time, Milan`s football players dressed Adidas in the 1978/79 season when they won their tenth titles. Between 1990 and 1993, the `red-and-blacks` once again staked the world-famous brand, which was replaced by `Lotto` after the lost final by today predictions against Olympique Marseille in the Champions League. It is not yet clear which company will bet Milan next season, as it is hard to say that it will be `Puma`. The German company has been dressing Italy`s national team since 2003 and between 1998 and 2012 doing the same with Lazio. Among the famous Puma clubs are the following: Arsenal, Olympia Marseille (next summer), Leicester, Newcastle, Bordeaux, Borussia (Dortmund), Stuttgart and Rangers.

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