Heinkes: It is not realistic to finish first in the group

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With the victory over Celtic in Glasgow (2: 1) Bayern (Munich) secured a seat in the Champions League`s eighth finals. Bauer coach Jupp Heinkes did not hide his satisfaction from this fact but acknowledged that it was almost impossible for Bayern to displace Paris Saint-Germain from the first position in the final standings in the group. I knew we were waiting for a very tough game. In recent times, our schedule has been very busy, and the players are also getting the most out of every workout. But that`s normal. I think we were playing well, overall, although at some times Celtic was attacking and caused us problems, said Hainkes. The important thing is that we have qualified for elimination. As for the first place in the group - given the situation so far and the result of the match according tipsters archive against PSG in Paris, it will be almost impossible to displace the French, added the experienced specialist.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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