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Dan Stoddard is significantly different from his teammates at the basketball team at Canadian Agonquin College. And while the level of local college sport is far from that of the renowned US league, Stoddard`s achievement is impressive, not just for one reason. Strider Stoddard is a newcomer to Agonkey Thunder`s team, even though he is 38 years old. About two decades ago, he was forgiven for his dream of playing college, and the reason was trivial - bad estimates. Now, however, Dan, who is actually a bus driver, makes the best use of it, and at least partly, the missed years ago.

In his youth, Stoddard has twice renounced his higher education to arrive today when he enrolls in the local college business program as an online student. The third time is obviously luck and now Dan gives his best - first, to get in the right shape and fight for a place in the team where he plays with two younger teammates who could behis sons, and then to get a game analyzed by soccer win links time.

And something else. The 38-year-old novice has a profession and works 40 hours a week. He drives a bus in Ottawa`s public transport, which is why he can not spend much time with the other basketball players in the team who are students all the time.

The tall 203 cm rookie is not in the best shape when he decides to make his dream come true, even twenty years later. The bus driver weighs the staggering 175 pounds, but with strong daily training he takes almost 30 kilograms of his weight, admitting he expects to be within 120 kilograms in the coming months. The coach apparently saw something in me, though I do not know exactly what. I`m from that kind of dirty players who take strikes in an assault and provide the necessary space for their teammates. And besides, nobody can move me, says Stoddard, who is already playing regularly for Agonquin in Ontario`s college league, where there are a total of 22 teams.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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