Cleveland were the only winners this season

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Cleveland remained the only team without a win since the start of the NFL season. Browns led seven points at the end of the third quarter as guests of Detroit, but bungled into attack, and their defense allowed three relentless touchdowns. Theo Ridik, Eric Dubron and Golden Tate scored for 38:24 in favor of the lions who are on the playoffs victory. While Cleveland (0-9) have seven matches predicted by soccer win predictions available to keep their Sunday`s record of 16 losses in 16 fights.
Kyle Shanahan recorded his first win as a NFL coach, leading San Francisco to 31:21 against NY Cants. The jail-bombed Jay Bethard attack overtaken 477 yards, and the day was crowned with a 83-yard touchdown bomb to the Marquis Goodwin. The former Olympian appeared on the ground only hours after his wife, Morgan, gave birth prematurely, but the baby died of complications. After the touchdown, Goodwin hugged the ball and collapsed into the Cants` ending.

Arizona -;Seattle 16: 22

Buffalo -;New Orleans 10: 47

Chicago -;Green Bay 16: 23

Detroit -;Cleveland 38: 24

Tennessee -;Cincinnati 24: 20

Indianapolis -;Pittsburgh 17: 20

Tampa Bay -;NJJ 15: 10

Washington -;Minnesota 30:38

Jacksonville -;LA Chargers 20:17 prod.

LA Rems -;Houston 33: 7

Atlanta -;Dal. 27: 7

San Francisco -;NY Cants 31: 21

Denver -;New England 16:41

Blog for soccer win predictions

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