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The problems of Borussia (Dortmund) seem to be endless. The tragic form of the team may soon result adviced by livescores in the dismissal of senior coach Peter Bos and the fans still can not believe the 4-goal lead in the Rudder Derby against Schalke 04. But that`s not all because it turned out that MarioGyotse is again injured and will be absent from the terrain for about 6 weeks. The German national was injured in the collision with the king of England in which he scored one of the hits. He has a stretch that will not allow him to play until the end of the half-season. Gyorgy will miss the matches with Bayer (Leverkusen), Werder (Bremen), Mainz 05 and Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, derby with his former Bayern Munich club for the German Cup, and Real Madrid`s Champions League tournament.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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