Dortmund might dethrone Bayern Munich

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The authoritative German `Sport1 TV` made analysis and compared the performance of Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich since start the season.

`The yellow-black` are leaders in the Bundesliga and although they lead to only one point of the champions, they are now considered a serious candidate for the title.

The TV presents the main statistical indicators of the two clubs according tipsters archive by the fifth round, which ended last night. Borussia scores an average 2.6 goals per game and the Bavarians - 2.4.

Borussia makes an average of 19.2 hits per game and again has one more than the most successful German club. In terms of battles, Bayern Munich, however, leads with 53%: 50%.

Bayern holds the ball an average of 30 seconds more per game than Dortmund, as here the difference is at the minimum. For comparison the other Bundesliga teams control the ball for nine minutes less.

The winner of the Cup of Germany makes a smaller number of crosses, but they are more efficient. At the same time, Bayern has 89.8% accurate passes against 87.95% for the leader in the table. Borussia played more aggressively and made three more violations.

For the first time in its history, Borussia Dortmund has first started five games without a goal allowed in the Bundesliga and that gives hope to the impartial test fans in Germany that the domination of the Bavarian club can be completed next spring.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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