Pique for Christiano:People do not expect anyone to self-proclaim for the greatest

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Barcelona`s striking mouth Gerard Picke sees the chances of his team and Real Madrid ahead of tomorrow`s hot fight. It`s not important in what form you are for El Classico, the chances are always 50 to 50 because everything can happen. In recent years, it seems that the one who plays as a guest feels more comfortable. Whatever happens at the match, the title can not be resolved, the Catalan protector, quoted by Mark. com.

Asked if los coules had to make the world champion`s sparrow, number 3 replied:The club via livescores clearly stated its point of view. There is logic, we have not participated in this race and we should not mix things up. The media are getting worse. Asked whether Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in football history, Pique said, `I respect his opinion, but people do not expect anyone to self-proclaim for the greatest in history. That`s why his speech is surprising.

Real welcomes Barca tomorrow at 14:00.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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