David Silva revealed his problems and thanked for the support

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Manchester City`s playwright David Silva came out with an official address to thank for the support and explained the reasons for his unexpected absences lately. The technical Spaniard has often traveled to his homeland in the last half-month because his son was born prematurely and a medical team is still taking care of him. For the first time Silva unexpectedly stayed outside the group in the derby against Tottenham on December 16th. He was also absent from Leicester for the League Cup but played against Bournemouth on Dec. 23. Silva then missed the Newcastle and Crystal Palace matches, returning yesterday to the win over Watford. After this match, Joceful Guyardola stressed that he did not know if Silva would play in the next match from how to buy win prediction as `the family is the most important`. `I want to thank everyone for the love and good wishes that I have received in the last weeks Special thanks to my teammates, the manager and the club for having an understanding of the situation I am in. I want to share with youand the birth of my son, Mateo, who was born prematurely and struggles daily with the help of the medical team, `Silva wrote.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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