Disagree in New England on the start of the playoffs

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New England are ripped off by scandals a week before the start of their playoff, ESPN says. In an article to be published later on today on the TV Channel website, author Seth Whackerham claims that between quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichic and owner Robert Kraft there are insurmountable differences that would lead to the trio breaking down after the end ofseason.
According to Wickersham, the disputes started in the summer of last year, when de facto patriot general manager Belicic approved a deal that would send Brady to San Francisco. At that time it was supposed that the quarterbacks of the team Jimmy Garopolo were more likely to be exchanged, but there was no team to give the two choices requested in the first round of the scrapbook. Kraft, however, vetoed the deal for fear that it would cause turmoil among champions.
In response, Belicic banned Brady`s personal physical training coach, Alex Guerrero, who is also his business associate, to travel with the team at the tours. The boxer has ordered his players to avoid any contact with Guerrero. Later he was denied access to Gillette Stadion on the day of the match. Again by Belichik`s order.
According to Wickersham, despite the rumors, Brady did not have a direct part in the deal that sent Garropolo to San Francisco. On October 31, hours before closing the transfer market, top players surprisingly gained a quarterback against a second-round pickup in April. The leading opinion then was that the deal was imposed by the fact that Garopolo became a free agent after the season, and New England did not have the $ 24, 000, 000 franchise tag needed. The new version is that the manager of Brady Don Ie, who is also an agent of Garopolo, has suggested that this is the best option for all countries. And the choice of San Francisco was imposed by the fact that the most recent meeting between the two teams is planned for the autumn of 2020.
The last bomb from Boston is that Belicic was considering retiring soon. The 66-year-old boxer, who headed the team in 2000, has been working for NFL for 42 years. Upon his withdrawal, Kraft planned his successor to be the co-ordinator of the attack, Josh McDenillus.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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