Even Gattouso would be angry with those words of Ancelotti

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World Champion Gennaro Gatuso celebrates his 40th birthday today and it`s time to accept greetings. The jubilee comes at a time when he is at the head of his beloved Milan and tries to stabilize him. His mentor and much more proven specialist Carlo Ancelotti pleased him with a special address. Under the leadership of Carleton Reno won his two Champions League trophies.

Here`s what Ancelotti said to Gazzetta dello Sport for him:

40 years, dear Rino. This is a great congratulatory letter, not just a phone call, a simple conversation, or one of the regular jokes. 40 years is a time to look back. It`s long enough behind you, long enough for you to get things done. Now I see you acting like a madman on the bench of Milan;yelling, screaming, pushing them. I think you`re the right person for this post.

There is a need for passion, by your character, by your spirit of self-sharing, to overcome obstacles. You also need your joy to overcome some tension, and your male anger to awaken the sleeping.

In a team, in a group of people, there is always someone who sleeps.

On the ground you were my warrior. I never saw you give up, never saw you leave the field with a clean jersey, never saw you run out of battle. I always admired you - the ability to achieve your goals, even though nature did not give you technical skills. Because - I can say so - your feet are not the most trained. But no one else was like your stubbornness, and you also had something unusual:you knew how to give that character to others.

How many times did you talk to a teammate to help him, encourage him, support him in a difficult time?

This is football. Apart from the schematics, structures, tactical techniques such as press, diagonal passes and counterattacks, people remain. It`s people who make the difference. You, dear Rino, did this for me and for our Milan. I was your mentor for about eight years and I endured you.

Before the battles with you he could not speak:he was angry, sullen. That was your way of preparation. And since I had already played the game from livescores beforehand in my mind, I knew how to suit you in the appropriate way - either with a joke to take away from your tension, with scorn or even with my exit from the locker room.

Remember when we were in preparation in Malta in 2007 in the middle of the season? Kaha Khalidze was angry with you because he was mocking you on your birthday, and others from the players encouraged him. I did not do anything about it, but I knew you should not be over. And then one night, you threw him over at the restaurant, and I did not even want to know what had happened. A few months later I understood what had happened then.

These days in Malta, I promised you something:we`ll get to the Champions League final. You thought I was crazy. But we got to the finish and even won it. And you, Reno, were the soul of this team. I hope you stay on the bench, you deserve it.

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