Djokovic returned with a thunder and crash, topped No. 5 in the world

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The holder of 12 Grand Slam titles Novak Djokovic returned to the court with a loud victory. The former No. 1 player in the world who had not played since Wimbledon for an elbow injury won against Dominique Team with a clear 6:1, 6:4 in a match according soccer win links from the demonstration tournament `Kooyong Classic`. `I`m feeling great, I`ve been waiting for 6 months to play again, and today I`ve stood up against a great opponent who ranks No. 5 in the world rankings, a fantastic test for me to figure out where I am, how we did in the pre-seasonpreparation and whether the work is done on the court, `Djokovic said.

`Everything worked, especially the servo, which was a serious issue for the elbow, and I do not want to be too self-confident, but I am very, very happy about what I have seen today, ` Nole added. Djokovic will have another opportunity to play on Friday when he will take part in the Tie-break Tens in Melbourne, along with World No. 1 Rafael Nadal and the best game of hosts Nick Kirios.

He admitted that his preparation for the first round of the Year of the Year was not ideal, but he thinks it will be enough. `For the first time in my career, I`ve had such a long pause. ` It would be good to take part in another tournament before the Australian Open, but my elbow was not ready, so I`ll try to get what I can, `added Nole. The Serbian star said he had serious doubts about whether he would be able to play in Melbourne after pulling out of the Doha tournament and the Abu Dhabi demonstration. I did not know what was going to happen, but we did some treatments, and thankfully I`m here, and I hope that in the next 4-5 days everything will go well and I will be ready for the Austrellean Open. I`m in the tournament and I hope God`s blessing is all right, `Djokovic concluded.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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