Early goals broke Strasbourg

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Newcastle Racing Strasbourg recorded a second consecutive loss in League 1. In his Gingan household, Thierry Lorey`s team retreated 0:2 and stayed 11th in the standings. The guests are already 6 and can dream of participating in the European tournaments.

The duel grew very badly for Strasbourg and the team allowed two goals in the first quarter of an hour. Yannis Salybur opened the score in the 8th minute after a multi-handed combination of guests. The midfielder was taken to the penalty area and technically shot over keeper Aleksandre Ouykij. In the 16th minute, Jimmy Brian handed over to Nicholas Benesezet and he made a 2-0 strike on the ground. In the second half Strasbourg dominated and had more positions but did not realize any of them. Gingan continued his successful series, which is now 6 games from soccer news without loss.





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