Leeds players and fans gathered a tremendous amount to treat a child

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Footballers and fans of the English club Leeds United have joined forces to help the cancer-cult young adherent of the team. 5-year-old Toby Nee was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and started treatment next week after club president Andrea Radrizani, football players, club staff and fans gathered the necessary amount of ? 175, 000.

`We often talk about family and unity, and now it`s time to do it again, club culture, club analyzed by how to buy win prediction thinking, and we`re pleased that all Leeds-related people are collecting money for the charity cause, players, corporate partners and fans have joined forces again, which makes me proud of everyone, `said the executive director of the team, Angus Kinier. The last 25, 000 of the money was donated by the Spanish midfielder Samuel Cice.

Blog for soccer win predictions

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