The San Siro drama, 19, saved Monttela in the 94th minute

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Italian Grand Milan achieved a remarkable 3-2 victory over Rijeka in a Europa League group D match. The Rossoneri were about to fire their coach Vincenzo Montella, whose chair has shaken in recent days, but 19-year-old talent, Patrick Kutrone, succeeded in the 94th minute.
Previously, the best red-and-black defender Leonardo Boncuci and Alessio Romanelli made great mistakes in the last minutes that cost Milan two goals in advance.

Andrea Silva gave the Italians an advance in the 14th minute, and Matteo Musakchio with his first goal for the club doubled in the 53rd minute. Bonouci\'s mistake, which was a mistake in returning the ball in the 84th minute, led to a goal in the Doorouma door, which was made by Maxwell Acosty. In the last minute of the regular time, Romanemielli was wrong and then committed a penalty in the penalty area. Rijeka was awarded a penalty shootout and behind the ball came Josip Elez, who sent the ball into the net. The goal shook Montella and the typhus, but the luck was on the side of the Milan Grand.

Borinini led Kurtone in the 94th minute, which surpassed Simon Slouga\'s guard and chewed his guests, saving the coach who fired a big goal in the big football. The Italian national of Italy has three goals in the tournament and a total of five in this season.

The first match, the Rosoners, won 5: 1 against Austria (Vienna) at Ernst Hapel stadium, while the Croats retreated 1: 2 in their home to AEK (Athens). Thus, Milan remained a leader with a 6 point asset, while the Greeks after a 2: 2 draw with the Austrians stayed second with 4 points.

Vincenzo Montetella made six changes to the starting 11, after the team lost 0: 2 from Sampdoria last Sunday. In the 3-5-2 draw Matteo Muscatchio replaced Christian Zapata in defense, Manuel Locatile, Fabio Borini, Hakan Chalhagoglu, Patrick Kutron and Andre Silna also started from the first minute.
In addition to Zapata, Lucas Bilia, Suzo, Ricardo Rodriguez, Giacomo Bonaventura and Nicola Kalinic remained out of the squad.

The disappointing performance in the last two AC tours of the A Series led a few audiences to the San Siro. Only 30,000 typhoons supported the hosts while several thousand arrived in Milan to support the Croatian champion.

The guests started the match harder, and in the first few minutes they missed two excellent opportunities. Msicher and Heber missed, and then Locatiers got a little bit of an own goal. In the 14th minute, Portuguese striker Andrea Silva headed to the left, overtook a skilled defender, and with a solid blow scored his fourth goal in the group stage and total six in the tournament. The hosts did not stay well on the field, while the Croats did not worry about playing against their distinguished grand by missing two more goals before the break.

The second part began with Bonaventura in place of Chalhagoglu who had been traumatized. In the 53rd minute, Milan scored a second goal after Musakyo narrowly stretched the net. The Argentine takes advantage of a Boncus assistant.

Shortly after, the visiting squad interrupted the meeting for several minutes, throwing several torches on the pitch. Maury replaced Kessie, and Susa moved to Andre Silva. Milan slowed down the turn, apparently thinking about the meeting with Roma, but it turned out to be a big mistake. First, the lack of concentration in Captain Bonucci returned the intrigue at the meeting. The former Juventus player failed to bring the ball back to Donausta and Apposti with a ricochet.

In the remaining minutes, the Rosoners tried to make their harshness because Romanemielli, who underestimated a situation, lost the ball and then made a penalty in favor of the Croats at the last minute. Eleaz fired badly, but Donaruma failed to save and the ball went into the net for 2: 2.

The guilt of the guests was crazy, and the hosts were in shock, as did the Italian coach. But for his luck, Kutrone emerged from nothing and brought the victory, returning enthusiasm to the team and typhus headquarters, who still have to be disappointed with the way the sixth consecutive success of the team in the Europa League came.

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