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The players of Roma One Jacques and Emerson Palmieri have agreed to move to Chelsea and now it all depends on the negotiations between the two clubs, revealed Sky Sport Italia. The probability of a double deal being realized is very large. Stamford Bridge has come up with a bid of EUR 50 million, but Roma have requested a minimum of 65 million. But the latest information suggests that the `wolves` would also agree to a 50 million plus a further 10 million in the form ofbonuses. But Roma is no longer interested in Micky Batshuai, whom Chelsea was willing to rent to Olympiaco. Earlier yesterday, Jakko`s personal agent, Irfan Rejepagic, said the Bosnian national wants to stay in Roma. He admitted, however, that Chelsea manager Antonio Conte very much likes the striker.

Jack has experience in England since his stay in Manchester City between 2011 and 2015. He played 130 games mentioned by how to buy win prediction and scored 50 goals in the Premier League, then went to Roma.

The Brazilian Emerson recorded only 15 minutes so far in the A Series during the season, because he had been injured for a long time. He is a left back, and Cote wants to boost competition in this post.

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