Clop suspected a bad attitude toward Van Dyke on Sunday

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On the eve of Southampton`s visit, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop warned of a possible hostile welcome to Virginie van Dijk, who left saints for ? 75m in January. `The attitude to it may not be the most friendly one, ` said the coach. - I`m not sure. There they have always been very well treated with Nathaniel Klein and Adam Lalana, who seem to be the most lacking. With Sadio Mane acting OK, Virginie is the last, but we do not think about it. In the future, things will get normal. So far, it`s important to go there and play football, nothing else. I do not think anyone in Southampton would say we stole it because the deal was in the public domain.

A club reminded that the club in South England has fired not only Liverpool but also many other teams in the Premier League. When I ask someone about where she is, the answer is Southampton. Wow! There are quite good players in this area. Maybe we should open an office with scouts straight out there, jokes the coach. The match according livescores is on Sunday at 18:30.

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Blog for soccer win predictions

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