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The eccentric at times, Jose Mourinho, considers himself the manager of the Premier League, which is currently best suited to the touch. Over the years, Manchester United`s coach often got involved in scandals because of his incessant behavior and was repeatedly punished. But in the current campaign, he gives himself an example. This season I`m trying to win this prize, and I`m serious about it, `said Moow, quoted by Sky Sports. In principle, however, such a prize is not given.

There are so many awards - the best for the round, as the manager of the month, for that and that, `continued the Portuguese. - They should give one and the one who is best at the bench. The reserve judges must vote for it. I`m sure I will win. Except for my red card against Southampton when I stepped into the field, this season I did not create any problems for the fourth referees. I am serious - I am already preparing for this, I am even very happy. I`m not perfect, but I no longer lose my temper, I can control myself. I`m not changing from Bad to Perfect in any case, but at least I try. I am struggling and happy with how things are going.

Overall, the United manager is satisfied with the level of judges in England but claims to be his duty to call and defend his own players when he thinks they are not doing well with them. The special one gave an example to Alexis Sanchez`s debut against Yeovil Town when the striker kicked a lot of kicks. I see that English football has its own cultural heritage, certain traditions and some qualities that I like. But sometimes I have to shout to protect my players because you have seen what Alexis has been waiting for, `Mourinho explained.

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Blog for soccer win predictions

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