Bristol Rovers, a 103-year-old fan, missed a 1954 match.

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You must be wondering if there is love that lasts forever. After you get to know the story of Kitty Thorne, you will answer positively. Kitty is a supporter of Bristol Rovers since childhood. Ms. Thorne was born in the distant 1915s and quickly falls in love with the colors of her favorite team. Since 1954, she has not missed a match of her pets both at home and at home.

The woman has left more than 130, 000 km behind her, traveling with the team at each visit. Kitty is well known in England, thanks to being Bristol Rovers`s oldest fan:

I met a lot of people and made many friendships with football, she commented. `That`s why you deserve to go to the stadium. I am very sorry that today fans prefer to watch matches predicted by how to buy win prediction in front of the TV and not live. To observe Bristol meetings I did not even have to pay a ticket. At the entrance of the sectors there were large boxes, in which we put a different amount. Once I asked one of the staff at the stadium where this money went, and he told me that the sum was paid to the players` salaries. There was a family setting that did everything so poetic and made you feel part of the team.

Since Kitty was a fan of Rowers, she saw a total of 25 managers. Despite its advanced age, the elderly woman continues to support her favorites, currently playing in England`s third division.

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